Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hollywood, Los Angeles - Part 1 - Photo Time

As promised, here are some photos from our first day in Hollywood. Nothing too exciting at this stage, however today's photos are a lot more interesting (promise!)

Remember, you can click on each photo for a close up!

Mr. Incredible and Elmo outside the Chinese Theatre

First up are Mr. Incredible and Elmo. Mr. Incredible seems to be grabbing either his crotch or money belt. I assume it is the latter.

ood Sign

Here we have the ubiquitous Hollywood sign. Can be easily seen from the 3rd floor of the mall (which is really the fourth floor as Americans call the ground floor the first floor. Strange Americans.)

Smoggy L.A.

You can really see the smog sitting over the city. While you can see a sort of haze in the Hollywood sign photo, in this you realise it's not just the heat! While the smog doesn't smell too bad (if at all), it does make you think about the impact we have on our environment. I also wonder what it is like in the middle of summer - probably not too nice.


C&G said...

Yes, my friend. Remember the clean air in your home country, where you can see over a distance of 200 km's. There are not many places in the world like Wellington, and many, many more like LA. You'll find out in the next few months why we came to NZ.


Timb said...

Dude, you're so on the money with the first floor/ground floor comment. The number of times I hit G in the elevator (lift!) and ended up in the garage. But then it's different on the East Coast - Strange Americans... Anyway hope you're not too jetlagged and not getting frustrated by the sales tax/tips :)