Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More London Zoo Photos

As I mentioned in the last post, Perraine was also taking many photos while at the Zoo. He managed to snap far too many and sent me the best ones. I have skilfully selected the best of the best and present these below for your viewing pleasure.

As you will clearly see, Perraine is pretty damn good with his camera work so sit back, enjoy and remember - they look even better close up! :-)

A bug

Incy Wincy Spider


Feeling blue or maybe a little more turquoise?

Now, is this a clownfish?

In which case the other fish I thought was a clownfish was not.

Ooooh, all the pretty colours

Help me...I can't swim

Green lizard

Dendrobates azuereus (also called Okopipi)

Yep, that's a poison dart frog...deadly!


Hoo are you?

Camels kept inside for warmth

Cold looking pelicans

A butterfly, or is it a moth?

Family of otters

Mister monkey...actually, I think it's something else

Perraine and Heather

Well done on the super photos PB!

Monday, September 21, 2009

London Zoo


Wow! Seven months behind in blog land...this must be some sort of record :-) Well, I've been told that I talk too much, so you will have to make do with some photos of our visit to London Zoo.

London Zoo, while nowhere as big as the one in San Diego, still has enough to keep you busy. As we were there in Feb, it was a little chilly and many of the animals are kept indoors during the winter months.

While reviewing our photos, I have just discovered that a number of them were very poorly shot and therefore the collection below are the good ones. However, I'm pretty sure our friend Perraine managed to snap a couple of good ones - maybe I'll ask him nicely and post some of his tomorrow...

Heather and a beetle

Crickets going mad

This one is well worth viewing close up

A leafy beetle

Toucan play at that game...

Green bird with a black head

A clownfish

A Chameleon fish

I'm surprised she didn't float away!

It's MY rock

Unlike Australia we don't get these in the wild over here

'Australia' apparently - not as hot though

That's a big pile of dung - that kid's brave

One of the most amazing things we saw was a giant temperature controlled tent. Inside there were all manner of butterflies and moths - it was absolutely amazing - although taking photos was a little tricky as the camera would mist up after taking a single shot. We had a similar experience at the Eden Project which we visited in April (more on that another day).

An Atlas moth

Another amazing moth

Another one

And that was about it! As I mentioned above, Perraine took a bunch of photos which look a heck of a lot better...he has kindly emailed me through a selection and I will choose the best ones and put them up tomorrow.