Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Morro Bay to Monterey

After leaving Morro Bay, we headed up the coastal route to Monterey. On the way we drove through some heavily wooded areas (loosing sight of the Pacific Ocean altogether).

Ocean and forest, a perfect combination

We stopped at the tourist entrance (gift shop/tourist centre) to Hearst Castle where we took a look around.

Hearst Castle - a distant view

We didn't actually take the Hearst Castle tour as it was a little late in the day. I wasn't aware that
William Randolph Hearst was the inspiration for Orson Welles' Citizen Kane but there you have it. Maybe I should watch the film one day as I understand it is very good (understatement of 2009 I hear you cry?) Hearst Castle is also where I purchased some salt water taffy to send back to the folks in NZ. Hope they enjoyed it (and it doesn't pull out too many fillings!)

After leaving the Hearst Castle gift shop, we kept heading north and stopped at this lovely spot for an ice cream.

A nice little stop

That IS a big anchor

Beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean

We finally arrived in Monterey, checked into our motel and headed out for dinner. As we made our way down to the pier we came across an ice skating rink in full swing.

Ice skating in Monterey

We also encountered a photography class trying to get the 'perfect shot'.

Photography students

Finally on the pier we saw this statue.

A fishy tale

It was a very difficult decision as where to eat. As Monterey is well known for brilliant seafood, we went for what is the most recommended restaurant on the pier -
Old Fisherman's Grotto. Check the link out! We were greeted at the door by the owner who offered us free clam chowder, suitably tempted we entered. Food wise, we had an amazing entrée of artichoke hearts and we shared our main meal of a crab and a brilliant glazed walnut salad with balsamic dressing. Both Sha and I were incredibly impressed with the food, the prices were very reasonable and the service was superb too. When we had finished our meal, Sha received a red rose and I the bill.

Me eager to begin the crab feast

Sha wearing her bib

A strange sign in the room...poor baby

After dinner we headed back to the motel and were looking forward to tomorrow's visit to Cannery Row to see what had inspired John Steinbeck all those years ago.


Ness and Dave said...

Salt Water Taffy was Yum by the way - didn't taste salty at all!!!(what is the reference to salt water anyways?) And no lost fillings as yet...but wouldn't surprise me if they do!

Oh, and did you choose the choc coated gummi bears as a wee Dr ? reference??? They yummy too!


Timb said...

Dude,the pics of you and Shar with the bibs look like a cardboard cut-out painting that you stick your head through.

Foo said...

Well, no one ever really knows as to why the reference to salt water but check this link out here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saltwater_taffy

Nope, the gummi bears wasn't a Doctor Who reference, Doctor 4 ate jelly babies. I bought them as they were a bit unusual and I hadn't ever seen them before. I tried to go for the more unusual stuff.

Foo said...

Thanks Tim! I think...I can assure you that those were real photos. However, I do have a photo from our Brighton trip which I will upload which has a bit of that going on. And jellied eels (yuck!)

Great to see you've got your comments working again!