Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Meanwhile, back in Wellington...

While we have been over in the UK for over six months, my thoughts often turn back to Wellington and I wonder how everyone is doing and what they are getting up to.

It seems some good friends have started making a documentary series and are interviewing people in and around Wellington. The show is called 'IfYouSayShow' and can be found on youtube here. While only one episode has been created so far (which is broken into five segments for ease of viewing), below I proudly present the segment on Roller Derby!

If you enjoy this, take a look at the other segements as they include interviews with people on the street, Carl Gifford of Carlucci Land, Tony Schirato's Media Eye and an art review by Kristelle Plimmer.

It's great to see something like this come out and by using the platform of the internet it can be viewed by anyone. If you like watching these - please pass on the links to others who may be interested...and remember you can always leave a comment on their youtube page too (I'm sure they would appreciate it!)

By the way, if your internet connection can handle it, these clips look really good if you click the HD button for High Definition viewing.

Now, on with the show:

IfYouSayShow - Roller Derby Part 1

IfYouSayShow - Roller Derby Part 2


Anonymous said...

Richter City are having a roller derby on September, I'll send you some pictures, as Nicola will be playing.


Foo said...

Nice - I would like to see that Ryan. Good luck for the game.

I have a few more things lined up blog wise for Wellington...I haven't forgotten!