Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More London Zoo Photos

As I mentioned in the last post, Perraine was also taking many photos while at the Zoo. He managed to snap far too many and sent me the best ones. I have skilfully selected the best of the best and present these below for your viewing pleasure.

As you will clearly see, Perraine is pretty damn good with his camera work so sit back, enjoy and remember - they look even better close up! :-)

A bug

Incy Wincy Spider


Feeling blue or maybe a little more turquoise?

Now, is this a clownfish?

In which case the other fish I thought was a clownfish was not.

Ooooh, all the pretty colours

Help me...I can't swim

Green lizard

Dendrobates azuereus (also called Okopipi)

Yep, that's a poison dart frog...deadly!


Hoo are you?

Camels kept inside for warmth

Cold looking pelicans

A butterfly, or is it a moth?

Family of otters

Mister monkey...actually, I think it's something else

Perraine and Heather

Well done on the super photos PB!


Anonymous said...

Great photos there Foo!

Shouldn't the caption above the owls be 'Who are you?'


Ness and Dave said...

Great photos! X