Friday, December 18, 2009

Little Shop of Horrors & Vampires Rock

Sat 28 Feb/Sun 1 Mar 2009

A very musical weekend - we saw Little Shop of Horrors in Wimbledon (yes where the Wombles live) on Saturday and Vampires Rock on Sunday. Both were fantastic.

Prior to seeing Little Shop of Horrors (a
matinée no less!) we had a forage at a market in Wimbledon which has a working watermill. Had a yummy pizza lunch and bottle of red wine at an Italian restaurant too.

A nice brick pub/cafe

Mmmm, bread and bricks

Sha, wine...just waiting for the pizza

I did a sort of (Doctor Who focused) review of Little Shop of Horrors here and I can't really explain Vampires Rock except it was a musical. With lots of covers of rock songs (think Queen, Meatloaf, Kiss, AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Billy Idol). And Vampires. It also had Toyah Willcox. With characters such as Baron Von Rockula, The Devil Queen, Pandora Rosie Box and Stringfellow, it sounds like the ravings of a madman with the mental age of a 12 year old, but it really is a simply fantastic evening - a load of fun, music, comedy and vampires. Did I mention the vampires?

I managed to snap a photo of Sha with Toyah just before we left:

Vampires Rock video

And here's Toyah doing School's Out

Oh go on, one more...Rebel Yell

I think you all get the idea! Anyway, if you get the chance to see Vampires Rock, do so - you won't regret it.

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