Sunday, March 7, 2010

Visit to Harrods

21st March 2009

Went to Harrods for a look around and were duly impressed. Can't really describe it - just go with a well loaded credit card. Or gold. Actually, they do have a gold exchange there as well.

You can find some good food deals in the food halls at reduced prices. We purchased some cheap poultry - a couple of poussin. Yes, we are evil carnivores, but doesn't it look delicious? It looks like a normal chicken, only smaller...and therefore tastier. Or something like that.

Oh, and below is a photo we took of the memorial to Diana and Dodi. I don't think photos of this memorial were allowed, but that didn't stop us (or the other hundred odd tourists doing the same thing).

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Jet Simian said...

Honestly Foo - TWO posts on food following that stomach-turning (and fascinating) exhibition expose? You're a monster, sir. monster!

Re the Didodi memorial, I think you are welcome to take pot shots - we certainly did, and the visitor's book back then was a hoot! It is a deeply tacky display, helped along its way with a poorly framed publicity photo from Andrew Morton's own chip-in on the Queen of hearts phenom.

A must-see all the same.