Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ísland hluti tvö

15 March 2010

So, our final day in Iceland – time for a quick post or part two of the last post as the title suggests…I know you all speak Icelandic by now!

As you will all know, the volcanic ash cloud brought the mighty European airspace to a close, however this didn’t affect our travel plans, although we have had to put some of our travel on hold for various other reasons.

Anyway, back to the past. We headed off up to the Perlan and snapped some pictures of the magnificent vista at the top.

On the way up

Reykjavik Vista

As you can see, that church is more or less the biggest building in Reykjavik.

Outside the Perlan

The Perlan

A sculpture called ‘Dance’

Dance Sculpture

Once inside, we had a poke around and picked up a few postcards. We saw a few items from the museum on display outside in an effort to entice us into the museum.

Warrior on horseback

Warrior Horseback

Swarthy looking Viking

Swarthy Viking

We also had a little lunch and I left Sha to fill in postcards to her nieces while I took a few more photos. I did mention magnificent vistas didn’t I?

Reykjavik Vista 1

Reykjavik Vista 2

Reykjavik Vista 3

We noticed that while a lot of the buildings were plainly painted, the rooves of many were quite colourful.

A very friendly cat

Icelandic Cat

As we headed back down, we met a very friendly cat who wanted a scratch.

And that was it…oh, except from this lovely photo of Sha from the day before. Very cheeky! We are building up quite a collection of pictures of fire hydrants from around the world!

Iceland Fire Hydrant

Next up – our trip to Scotland where we stay in Dunoon for five nights, followed by Glasgow for a few. More on that leg of our journey to come.

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