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San Francisco - Day 3 - Muir Woods

Friday, 12th of December 2008

This morning, for some reason, I had a little bit of a headache - could it be to do with the bars we had visited the night before? Nah, that can't be it.

Today was the day that Barry had taken off from work as well as her studies to take us to a few special places.

First up, she took us to a lovely cafe called Zazie. It's a French bistro and seems to rate very well on yelp (yelp being a bar/restaurant/cafe San Fran & Bay Area review site that can make or break a business).

I had a Croque Madame, which is an egg, sunny side up, sitting in a lovely lake of Gruyère cheese and ham on toasted bread. Also one really super tomato juice - very useful for washing away the previous nights alcohol. The pictures on this wikipedia article really don't do the Croque justice - the one I had was far better!

I won't bore you with how good the food was - wouldn't want to get repetitive! And, once again, the lateness in blogging makes it hard to recall what culinary delights Sha and Barry experienced. I'm sure it was good though.

Tomato juice and coffee

Nice touch with the celery and bean pod!

Barry and Sha

From Zazie, we went over the Golden Gate bridge, drove through Sausalito (flash coastal expensive area) and then on to Muir Woods. It was a lovely drive and Barry really knows what we were into.

Muir Woods

These Redwoods were sooo tall!

Leaves starting to change colour

Barry hiding in a tree

Barry giving us a 'Y'

Walking around Muir Woods was magic...lots of Redwood trees and we made it to the peak of the hill and stumbled upon some wild deer of which we got some brilliant video footage. Of course, it was at this point Sha started with a sneezing fit, frightening them off. Actually, it was quite funny and I'm not sure who got more of a surprise - me or the deer.

Spooky tree

Best appreciated in close up

Daddy deer

Deer children

After Muir Woods, we were taken to a small town, had a quick look at a bookstore and then popped into the local saloon for a pint of IPA. Nice :-)

The Saloon (wish I had a better photo!)

Chinese Chuckwagon

Odd seeing this here but it made for a great photo

From here, Barry took us to Underwood, a restaurant which seemed to be in the middle of nowhere and we had an feed of awesomeness - we all shared with each other to ensure we got to experience all the super flavours. As it was quite dark when we were driving it was hard to keep track of where we were, but Underwood is in Graton, which is north of Sebastopol (all in Sonoma county, so big wine area).


I have to say that both Sha and I really enjoyed the day immensely - there is nothing quite like being shown around by a local who knows their stuff. I think we will be returning to San Fran at some point in the future, so Barry, you're not allowed to move! My only regret was not taking enough photos - I quite like snapping the odd and strange things and when looking back on photos it makes it a heck of a lot easier to recall what happened and where you went. Will lock this away in my mind for future reference.

Next post: A wander through Haight-Ashbury and then another long walk but this time through Golden Gate Park.

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