Tuesday, February 24, 2009

San Francisco - Day 6 - Final Day

Monday, 15th December, 2008

Well, our last day in the US. I can't remember too much of what we did, but do recall posting my Christmas gifts to the family, checking out the Castro area and being caught in another deluge. We also tried our first Krispy Kreme doughnut - it was creme filled and simply delicious (and no doubt not that healthy for us).

Us and Barry

Byeeee Barry, we'll miss you!

Our US travel Map

This shows our US driving route and the places we stayed. I've left off Anaheim and the places we visited on day trips. As usual, click to see better.

Around 5pm we got picked up by a shuttle van and taken to the airport where we ended up hanging around for an hour or two. We used up our last US cash in a Mexican themed bar (where we watched some REALLY drunk Americans getting even more plastered) and then took our flight from San Fran to Munich. The Lufthansa plane was smaller compared to the Air NZ flight we had taken from Auckland to LA, and the videos available to watch on the flight were of a lower calibre (ooooh, I sound like such a snob!).

Not to worry, I managed to read a fair bit of my Watchmen graphic novel, listened to some Tintin audio books and even managed to sleep a little, although there was a lot of cabin noise - far more so than the Air NZ flight.

Edit: Forgot to mention, on the flight there was a bit of wine consumed by most folks. There was also the Abba musical movie playing on the in-flight entertainment. The combination of the two lead to the priceless experience of hearing a slightly drunk Middle Eastern guy (sitting a few seats back from us) slurring "money, money, money...it's a rich man's world" and then tailing off waiting for the next chorus. So funny :-)

Next stop - Munich, Germany! Our first European experience!

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Anonymous said...

Yep, we also adore Air NZ. When visiting Europe (May 16-26) we fly our favourite carrier to London and back again. So much better than other airliners (although Singapore Air is runner up)

Love your blog!!! Keep us posted.