Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Auf Wiedersehen Munich!

Saturday, 20th of December

Today is the day we leave Germany for our new home in England!

We took our time at the breakfast bar before heading out to the bus - an army marches on its stomach (just like a caterpillar), and Stu and Sha are no different.

Now, we were running a LITTLE bit late but weren't too concerned. As the bus left every 20 minutes, we knew we could catch one easily enough. We had tried to ask staff at Wombats as to what time we should leave but no one really seemed to know.

We ended up taking the bus 40 minutes after our ideal departure time, but when we got to the airport we were relieved to see that it was all going to be okay. We joined a queue and proceeded to wait. And wait. And wait. And waited some more. As we slowly inched our way forward, it rapidly dawned on us that our time was running out. Visions of Perraine and Heather patiently waiting at Heathrow for our non-arrival swam in our heads.

To cap things off, there was an awful family who were slowly cutting their way forward through the line, pushing their way ahead one person at a time. As time trickled away, more and more people left the line and went straight to the counter (I guess they had a plane to catch or something). The awful white trash family were now right behind us and tried to skip past us but Sha held her ground and steadfastly refused to let them go ahead - for a few moments I thought Sharon was going to smack the woman in the head. Sharon told her “don't you dare” which had the effect of other people in the queue piping up and saying that the family had been trying to push ahead the whole time they had been there. Interesting how one person can say what many others are too afraid to.

We made it to the counter with no time to spare and the check in guy said it was our lucky day as it turned out the flight had been delayed ever so slightly. Even with this delay, if we were any more than one person further back, we would not have made the check in time. Having checked in our luggage we found Sha's well packed bag was slightly overweight, so we had to take it to the heavy baggage area, further delaying us.

As soon as we had done that, we RAN from the luggage area to our flight gate and made it with 30 seconds to spare. A very exhilarating experience, but not one either of us want to repeat any time soon!

We made our way down to the shuttle bus which would take us to our flight and sat across from two young German guys in their late teens. They were heading over to England for Christmas and one of them had in his hands a giant pack of condoms. Sha turned to him and said "Planning a good time are you?" and he blushed and said "No, not me, my girlfriend is still here, but he is" pointing to his mate. His mate joked about joining the mile-high club, when Sha looked around at all the families and quipped "Your mate might have to help you out with that one".

Once we were on the flight, these two German lads kept buzzing the stewardess for more drinks but hey, it was nearly Christmas and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. English girls watch out!

Coming up next...The Descent (no, not the scary horror film).

Our final flight...for now

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owathx said...

Love to go to Germany. I here they have the panzer yes... That reminds me i am going to some place south of Shanghai this weekend. It begins with H. It is a chinese word so you know i can't spell it or even say it without a chinese person saying
"what? say the word in the right tone because i can't be bothered to think of what you said in another tone, i dont want to even try to understand foul demon white person speaking our tounge. Almost pointless trying sometimes and don't get me started on the driving."
Go china and your woman with moustaches and lack of youtube.