Monday, December 8, 2008


Anaheim (where Disneyland is located) really feels like 'real America' in that there were a far bigger number of the bigger set. In fact, it inspires me to write a little piece on the food predilections of America (and maybe even more on this topic later).

The buffet breakfast where we were staying consisted of:
  • Cupcakes (chocolate chip and blueberry)
  • Danishs (lemon, strawberry or custard flavoured centres)
  • Donuts (sugar cinnamon, caramel glazed, chocolate glazedor with sprinkles)
  • Hot egg roll sandwich thingy
  • White or brown toast (brown coloured, not physically brown toast)
  • Apple or grape flavoured jelly for toast (1% natural ingredients)
  • Cheerios cereal (coloured or plain)
  • Plain oatmeal flakes (guessing it still had sugar in it)
  • Raisin Bran (mostly healthy...I think)
  • Pure orange juice (which was sooooo sweet, I think it had double sugar in it)
  • Pure apple juice (not as sweet as the orange, but still sweet)
  • Oranges (yes REAL fruit)
  • Apples (once again, this was REAL fruit - unbelievable!)
Essentially, the above is the American food pyramid and provides all the sugar that a growing child needs to conquer the giddy heights of the Anaheim theme parks.

Sha and I were in two minds about going to Disneyland but in the end decided if we didn't, we would regret it.

Disneyland is huge but oddly enough not as big as I had envisioned it. It made me appreciate Hollywood which is far less stereotypical 'middle America'. On the flip side, Anaheim is probably safer and less crazy - there is a reason they call Hollywood Hollyweird.

In Disneyland, all the little girls are called 'Princess' by the staff. It must be hard to work here, especially having to be happy all the time. We encountered many staff who had spent too long here and needed to get out (and now!) Staff morale seems to decline the further you get from the entrance.

Walt Disney wanted this to be the happiest place on earth but it feels too forced and fake. Don't get me wrong - I think for the kids, this is an amazing and very magical adventure but for adults, well...I'm not sure. Perhaps we were spoilt by the amazing experience of Universal Studios a couple of days earlier.

I'm not going to go into detail as to which rides we rode etc but we did have some fun but not as much as we hoped to. Due to the time of year, crowds were at their lowest and everything was geared up for the Christmas season (think snow, Christmas music and major decoration).

Disneyland Photos:

This little horsey took us for a ride

Cindarella's castle

Star Wars droids being fixed

R2D2 in action

Young Padawan in training (ahhh, cute)

It's a Small World Ride:

Into the bowels of this castle to be met by scary puppet children...

Who give a relentless and maniacal rendition of 'It's a Small World'. Ad infinitum.

Even New Zealand is included (yes, it's small but we are small!)

Mickey's Toontown

Goofy's House

Chip 'n Dale's House

Ahh, yes, those damn tea cups

Snow White story time

Miniature Cinderella castle...can you spot the pumpkin coach?

I'm a laaady...comedy trio in Frontierland

Splash Mountain

Jungle Cruise

Cindarella's castle at night

Final thoughts
  • Favourite ride: New Orleans 'Nightmare Before Christmas'
  • Most commercial ride: Innoventions featuring Honda, HP, Microsoft, Life|ware, Siemens...the list goes on
  • Funniest performance: The trio in Frontierland trio (but I'll laugh at anything involving cross dressing)
  • Most fake nature encounter: Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer's Island
  • Lack of food ordeal: a yummy sandwich (Clarabell's turkey sandwich beats Flintsones B-B-Q hands down)
  • Most surreal experience: walking around Mickey's Toontown
  • Most frustrating moment: photos of the Christmas night parade didn't do it justice (it was too dark and we weren't close enough)
Well, that was the big D. Next up, zoo time!


Timb said...

These posts are great mate - keep 'em coming.

Actually reading over these reminds why I wrote my emails from NY, I love hearing what people get up to overseas.

BTW you and Shar make such a cute couple - so photogenic ;)

zenoscope said...

I went to disney land, and venice beach, and possibly DownTown with my dad and my sister when I was 13. Most of the rides at Disneyland seem to be the same! (I got a Star Tours tshirt). You should go to Knotts Berry Farm if you want a rollercoaster rides and stuff (we didn't, but I still dream about it some nights....)
My sister went to the loo on a construction site, and we gave a guy a buck for doing a backflip. We missed the last bus, and Dad ended up getting us a ride back to our hotel from a guy who had finished his shift in Taco Bell. it was all very cool, and weird.

Foo said...

Thanks Timb, great that you are enjoying them. We are in San Fran at the moment and hope to get San Diego up tonight. Let me know if you would like some videos as well?

Have had the most amazing time ever since we left Vegas - Death Valley and some smaller towns on the west coast. Really nice people, quiet and relaxing compared to the big places.