Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tecopa Springs to Shoshone

The following day (Saturday the 6th) we went to a diner in Shoshone for breakfast - American pancakes (layered with whipped cream from a can and canned strawberries) and French toast with heaps of maple (flavoured) syrup. Yum (no seriously, it was really good!). Continually refilled coffee rounded out our breakfast (yes, I'm back on the coffee). Coffee in America is filter coffee and they usually charge you a buck or two and then come round every 10 minutes asking if you want a refill, which are free. Coffee ain't bad, but you still can't beat a Wellie latte or cappucinno!

Don't forget to click on the photos below for a better view!

Enroute to Shoshone

The great American Desert

The Diner

Death Valley Chamber of Commerce seems to have let this gas station slip...

Yee haa Pa, I got one of those damn fangled
new ride on mowers!

We then headed on to Amargosa, which I will post about later as it deserves a post all to itself!

More American desert enroute to Amargosa

Graveyard with amazing hills in background

Many of these graves were unmarked

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