Monday, December 15, 2008

Vegas to Tecopa Springs

Leaving Vegas

It was a very nice drive out of Vegas and we finally found peace and quiet. We headed for Tecopa Springs which is just before you enter Death Valley and
stayed at this most amazing place called Ranch House Inn - we were in the palms room inside this huge converted trailer (the décor was simply fantastic).

The woman who welcomed us was incredibly helpful with advice on what to see in Death Valley and what to skip past.
They also had a rickety platform which took you up two stories to see the stars that little bit closer. It was so smog free out here and the stars were magnificent!

We truly were in the middle of nowhere and loving it!

The welcoming sign...

Where we actually stayed (room on the right)

Eagle rock - can you see the wings spread out?

The hostel kitchenette we were allowed to use

Above the bed

Waiting for blog inspiration - notice the assistance on the left

That mirror looks fantastic

A cool toilet!

One other little thing, from this evening, every place we stayed at had free wireless internet, which made life that little bit easier.

Coming up next - into Death Valley. It's hot there, even in winter!

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Foo said...

I forgot to mention, the interior décor of the converted trailer was done by interior designer Cynthia Kienitz, who sold her businesses in Chicago and Las Vegas to come out here. Needless to say, they add that extra bit of magic to the whole experience!