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Doctor Who Exhibition at Earl's Court

29 December 2008

A dream comes true for Foo

As no doubt all of you know, Doctor Who is an obsession of mine. I've been a fan since 1986 which is about 23 years. I was over the moon when Who returned in 2005 and for the most part am incredibly happy with the way the series has progressed over the last five years or so.

Since becoming hooked at the age of 7, I've watched the TV show, videos and DVDs, read and collected the books & magazines and recently have started collecting toys (second childhood?) I've also met a number of great people who share my obsession and it's great to know that you're not the only one!

In all this time, I have never been to a Doctor Who exhibition, so when I arrived in London it was something that was in the back of my mind. I had a look online and found that it was all over on the 7th of Jan, so I thought I'd better get my A into G and pop along to see it.

Instead of detailed descriptions of everything I saw, I have left it to the photos below to do most of the talking. If anyone has any questions, post a comment and I will do my best to answer.

We emerged from the tube at Earl's Court and first thing we spotted was this:

A sign of things to come?

At this point, Sha wandered off to have a haircut, while I made my way to the exhibition centre for a bit of Who indulgence!

My first look

Exciting stuff (well, it was for me!)

After heading in and getting my free Top Trumps card (Davros), I proceeded to wander around
for the next two hours with a stupid smile on my face .

First up, some Autons

Martha's clothes

A blank faced Doctor with TARDIS

The above image of the Doctor had David Tennant's face projected onto it, playing a looped video clip. It was very eerie.

With face

Pint sized service worker


The Face of Boe



I was very impressed with the Sycorax - the costume and prosthetics are very well done and look good close up.

A Cat Nun (or Sister of Plenitude)


Cassandra's brain

The Absorbaloff

An Ood in creation - Part 1

An Ood in creation - Part 2

An Ood in creation - Part 3

It was just after I had taken the first picture of the Ood that my camera ran out of juice :-( This meant I switched to using my cellphone which luckily has a very good camera (although obviously not as good as a dedicated camera). Memo to self: remember to take a fully charged battery in future!

Telescope from Tooth and Claw

One of the witchy Carrionites

A Clockwork Man

Another great costume best appreciated when up close


The sewn together mouth was very creepy

He was completely 'armless

Cyberleader on the commode

Don't Blink

Mister rhino man

Must-have fashion from the future

A Sontaran

The above pose made me laugh - he looks like a naughty schoolboy

A Hath

Make mine a crème de menthe

Dalek Emperor

It looked a LOT bigger on TV

Black Dalek

Another angle

You can never have too many pictures of a Dalek

Fe Fi Fo Banana

Heavenly Host

Miss Hartigan's Dress

Jackson Lake's Costume

A Cybershade

A Vashta Nerada

Not quite as disturbing in the flesh

So, that was the exhibition. I have only posted the more interesting pics, but do have a few more which weren't as good (and simply couldn't get a decent one of Davros at all).

All things considered, a fantastic experience with some exhibits having interactivity which added to the fun. Interactive features included big red buttons which made things move/speak etc, a Dalek voice changer housed inside a Dalek case and touch screens with info on each Doctor, special effects - that sort of thing. I think there is further scope for the amount of interactivity to be extended, but this all costs money and such things can be prone to damage by over enthusiastic hands.

Well worth the ticket price and would definitely go again if the chance presented itself. A shame that a few of the exhibits had been damaged, but I guess there is always that risk when people can get really close to them.

As I have come to expect, I exited via a gift shop but managed to resist the temptation to splurge. A lot of the merchandise available was available online or in other stores such as Boots, ASDA or WH Smith at much cheaper prices. Having said that, there were a few items on special and I'm sure that something could be found to match every budget.

Do add a comment if you have any questions.

Next post, we take a visit to Brighton.


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Hannos said...

Dr Who exhibition!

Awesome! wish I could go see it.

Foo said...

Yeah, it was fantastic. It's all over now, but there is one running in Glasgow, another in Blackpool, one in Coventry and of course, one in Cardiff! And I must also confess that I went to a second Doctor Who exhibition at Land's End in Cornwall...that will be going up once we get to that point in the chronology (so maybe a few months away!)