Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The New Year’s Eve that wasn’t

31 December 2009

All these trips involved various forms of London public transport used by 3 million Londoners every day. When you consider how we walked everywhere in Wellington, barely ever touching a public transport handrail, our immune systems must have been like untainted petri dishes seducing every known germ and virus. And that’s when it happened…

The Plan: Central London, 0 degrees, a fireworks display, and lashings of family friendly British pop!

The Reality:
A mystery illness with plague like symptoms, accompanied by a Thorazine shuffle, delusions of grandeur and the belief that a state funeral would soon follow, because I am the Queen of England.

We simply called it Tubebustrainitis, and the doctors agreed.

And so ended the week after Christmas when tourists do roam. After numerous visits to the doctor, being fed like a baby, taking antibiotics and finally steroids, I was fit enough to start work, yay!


Rimu said...

how that's some gratuitous fireworks. :D

Foo said...

Oh yeah, it was pretty impressive. I think we watched it on the tele (well, Sha didn't as she was too sick to do anything). It would have been absolute madness being out in the streets to see it - four hundred thousand people in freezing temperatures. Negotiating public transport with that number of people would have been tricky, although tubes and trains were running later than usual to cope with the numbers.